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CanAmShop is a division of eComTechnology. CanAmShop is focused on discount shopping bringing you fine products at an affordable price.

CanAmShop is a distributor of quality organic, natural, and healthy products. From food, to gifts, and baking essentials, we have the finest range and quality service. With our distribution centers on the East coast and West coast in Canada and the United States prompt delivery without the cross border shipping problems. So Canadian orders are filled in Vancouver and U.S. orders are filled in Seattle.

We have computer, generic products with natural and organic products branching out to provide other assorted choices of quality products. eComTechnology has vast contacts and associates worldwide and we have partnered with them bringing you quality products.

Since 2003 eComTechnology an ISO/MSP, has focused its services on merchant accounts and online payment processing services worldwide. We are operating our business realizing that the best way to be successful is to make our customers top priority with complete satisfaction. We look forward to helping you with all of your credit card processing needs whenever you need them.

eComTechnology is owned by Robert Richardson since 2003 and has established International contacts and banking associates worldwide. Robert is a former banker with the Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada and an International Management Consultant with major U.S. Consulting firms in the United States. Robert also has a B.A. Economics from Bishop’s University and has held four professional licenses in the fields of Mutual Funds, Insurance and Real Estate. eComTechnology has an advantage in establishing your payment processing solutions worldwide.

eComTechnology is a registered ISO/MSP for BMO Harris Bank, N.A., Chicago, IL., and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

CanAmShop is a division of eComTechnology.