Tall Ships Great Lakes, June 14-September 8, 2013

TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Great Lakes   2013 Ships to Fill Tall Order at War of   1812 Bicentennial
NEWPORT, R.I. (May 22, 2013) –   Although it began last year, the bicentennial commemoration of the War of 1812   will show its real fire power in Summer 2013, when Tall Ships America’s   bi-national TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® series of tall ship races and family friendly   public maritime festivals sets sail throughout the Great Lakes. In collaboration   with local port organizers, Tall Ships America has scheduled visits from members   of a fleet of 25 world-class tall ships to 22 U.S. and Ontario communities. The   festivities begin on June 14-16 with the Brockville (Ontario) TALL SHIPS® 1812   Tour and culminate September 6-8 with the Tall Ships® Erie event (Erie,   Pennsylvania), but not before a historic re-enactment of the 200th Anniversary   of the Battle of Lake Erie in Put-in-Bay (Ohio) on September   2.
“Two   countries, five Great Lakes, over 25 participating tall ships, 22 port   appearances, five races, and millions of visitors—this is our biggest TALL SHIPS   CHALLENGE® series to date in terms of ports, impact and numbers,” said Tall   Ships America Executive Director Bert Rogers.  In 2010, when the TALL SHIPS   CHALLENGE® series was last in the Great Lakes, the series visited six ports and   recorded an economic impact of $384 million. For 2013, Rogers expects that   number to double.
“Operatives   at each venue have been working for over a year to create memorable activities   and events that not only honor the historical significance of the War of 1812   but also feature the vibrant nature of the host ports and celebrate the   magnificence of the tall ships themselves,” added Rogers.
Schedule of Maritime Festival Ports and Dates
In the U.S. for TALL SHIPS   CHALLENGE® Great Lakes 2013
Tall Ships® Duluth 2013: July 26 – 28
Tall Ships® Chicago 2013: August 7 – 11
Tall Ships® Erie 2013: September 6 – 8
In Canada’s Ontario   Province for Tall Ships® 1812
TALL SHIPS® 1812 Georgian   Bay           Collingwood, Wasaga Beach/Nancy Island, Owen Sound: August 16 – 18           Penetanguishene, Midland, Discovery Harbour: August 24 – 25
Southwestern Ontario: Sails to See           Windsor, Amherstburg, Kingsville, Pelee Island: August 30 – September 2
At each site,   the tall ships will be open to the public for viewing and feature dockside   exhibits and lively interactions with crew. Among the ships participating at a   majority of the ports are Norway’s 210-foot Sorlandet, the oldest full-rigged   ship in the world still in operation; Canada’s 72-foot brigantine Pathfinder, and the USA’s 198-foot   Brig Niagara. The Niagara was instrumental in the War of 1812 as the   flagship for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.  During the Battle of Lake Erie, one   of the war’s most critical battles, she helped Perry defeat the British fleet,   ensuring American control of Ohio and all of Lake Erie.

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